Rice farming homestay eco-vacation - the way of the Karen Hilltribe in Chiang Rai, Thailand
Tigerland Rice Farm - eco-vacation in rice planting and harvesting, the Karen hill tribe way

Alvin Yong (Singapore)
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Kitt Tiger (Thailand)
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Rice Planting Season 2022
Trip 1: 10-15 Jul (Sun-Fri)
Trip 2: 17-22 Jul (Sun-Fri)
Trip 3: 24-29 Jul (Sun-Fri)
Singapore school holidays:
28 May to 26 Jun 2022
Rice Harvesting Season 2022
Trip 1: 4-9 Sep (Sun-Fri)
Trip 2: 18-23 Oct (Sun-Fri)
Trip 3: 25-30 Oct (Sun-Fri)
Singapore school holidays:
3-11 Sep 2022
19 Nov to 31 Dec 2022
Testimonials: What Others Say

Chiang May Ling and Eng Ting Ting at TigerlandRiceFarmChiang May Ling & Eng Ting Ting (4-9 Aug 2016):

"A clip from CNA programme "A Singaporean Abroad" left an impression. I snapped a shot from the TV screen and sent to a few friends that we should support Tigerland Rice Farm for its cause. Two years passed. I can't recall what was the recent trigger. Well, Ting agreed without any hesitation "let's go". Nature with farming
is in her blood. I was thinking of 5 days only, while she spontaneously
said 6 days base on the programme.

At Chiang Rai, we were received by Father Gun. A couple of first impression was his eagerness to remember the names of his guests. And his impeccable English, mastered within 5-years, through sheer hard work from dictionary puts me to shame. Breadth of his vocabulary is amazing. The most lasting impression is the respectful relationship between the couple. Father Gun is very proud of his wife, continuously singing praises of her. They communicate all the time, never bark at each other, accompanies each other on outings with us. While we cannot understand what is spoken, the power of body-language is genuine.

Upon arrival at the farm, we were treated to our first dinner by Mother Tomei. We had sumptuous fluffy fried eggs for every meal. Eggs must be special for guests, as their staple is primarily vegetables forested around the farm. We tasted their organic vegetables, fresh passion fruit juice, honey coffee.

On the first night, there were 4 young Spanish Trekkers who stayed over as they were on a trekking expedition. A Scorpion drama unfolded in the night as one of them got stung. He was hopping with pain while his friends thought he was joking. Kitt assured him the numbness from the sting was temporary. Spanish said to Kitt " You sure. Will i die? I wake you up if I am not well at night ok" hahahha... A big boy in pain! But I was relieved it wasn't me. After that I tried to look first before I place my hands at any corners so as not to disturb the Scorpions!

The walk into Tigerland house is at least 400m trek. A motorbike ride through uneven terrain would be thrilling. But not a good idea for the rider to pillion anyone (like me) tense behind that may rock his balance. The farm is now served by a concrete bridge across the river, completed a week earlier. They have waited for Budget for a year while groups of volunteers built step by step. Luckily, I am spared from using the narrow bamboo bridge, that gets washed away all the time.

Bamboos must be extremely strong and sturdy. The farm house structure is held up just by bamboo. I am still puzzled why and how. The most basic toiletry system would be most challenging for "bathroom-freak" Singaporeans. I am most thankful for the ever-flowing spring water. "No save water" for me was heavenly though I felt guilty as i felt I had consumed a dozen persons' needs. I wonder if the ”Spring-water mountain God" is angry with me.

In the morning, by 4am, the Coo-coroo symphony starts. Every household competes their vocals... Ours was just below the room - loud and clear. Nice vocal. Why do they all stop by day-break bewilders me. They sleep after that?

We had 3 full meals every day - Farmer's volume. We ate all initially as we know how precious food is. But it was just too much as we only eat a third in Singapore hahhaha. Then we got more comfortable to take only what we can eat. Father Gun must be wondering if we have enough strength at the farm, or will we give him problem if we faint!

Following days, Father Gun and Mother Tomei showed us planting seedlings into padi-field, milling and winnowing of grains, foraging food for meals, checking out the cows, fishing and crabbing in the pitch dark fields. The power of "Made in Thailand" headlamp is overwhelming. We both bought 5 to bring home! Oh mine, with light , the night insects and moths must be enjoying their feast on me at the same time. I must prepare better in future night-hunting experience.

The Karen tribe is a Christian community. They are closely knitted with strong family bonds and ties, supporting each other's family events and celebrations. Father Gun brought us to join in a wedding celebration, an election for a referendum, and another house-warming invitation. For each event, we are
treated to a simple 2-dish meal by the host. The community gathers together for good time. Father Gun is well respected in the community and seems to be everyone's relatives.

We appreciate that he brought us to the local households for our shopping. We bought local weaved bag, skirt, and Ting's "Salvatore Ferragamo" farming boots x 2 pairs! He knows every nook and corner to
find Karen tribes' skill. Only regret we missed a pair of "greenish" hiking boot. Just 150baht for something that serves its purpose.. We will get it when we return!

Leeches - Gosh. Have I overcome the sight of them? I hope so after getting hit by a few, otherwise would my blood be sacrificed for nothing! One fed till it was full and drop off, with me still wondering if that
was a leech. They do leave quite a deep bite, maybe that's what really makes us detest them. Well, with some medicine, the itchiness from all sorts of bites are wearing off after a week, phwee.

Father Gun has 3 grandsons. The 2nd boy, Kilt, was comfortable to hang with us for the short time he spent at the farm. Very sweet well-mannered brave boy. Kitt is a busy man in the community. He has many duties during the week. Leading the Spanish boys on the trek to another city, election duty, attending relative's wedding, ferrying his son to school, dropping in the farm to say hello to us....

Overall, we witness a community who is there for everybody. The living standards maybe behind, but we have lots to be reminded that they are equally happy with what God gives them, working hard for their community to get better.

Question is whether our plot of seedlings have grown up after days of rainfall. Well Father Gun assured us that rice is is very strong - it will survive !! We believe him. We wish the Tiger Kitt family and Karen community well, health, happiness!"


Ch'ng Tuan Wee at Tigerland Rice FarmCh'ng Tuan Wee (Yoga @ Tigerland 2015):

"Thank you for a wonderful trip. It was so memorable because of the perfect serene environment, warm hospitality of Kitt and his family, delicious food and great company! The farm stay was a breath of fresh air and much needed break from hectic city living. I was touched by the simple harmony the people here have with each other, with the land and also with the delightful architecture of the farmland. Meditation in simple huts in the bamboo forest and paddy fields left deep impressions. Idyllic landscape provided perfect setting for doing yoga! Biggest thanks to Alvin for opening the door to us. And also to the ever-youthful and inspiring yoga teacher Kym. Everyone made this trip just right: my mum, Pai Ling, Catherine, Tuan Cheng, Yijun. All the best to Kitt, Nook, Father Gun and Mother Tomei!"


Gregory and family at Tigerland Rice FarmGregory Sim (2014):

"Most memorable experience! One of a kind, nowhere else but in Tigerland. Of course for the first time in our lives we ate a rat and frogs that we hunted!! Need to get used to the idea but they were deliciously prepared and cooked. The best part about eating in the farm, is about eating organically!! Not commercially farmed, not from the market, no commercial feed no chemical fertilizers! Food like this is far more nutritious and healthy. We learnt from you about nature preservation, love and taking care for the nature. Kitt Tiger, Father Gun, Mother Tomei, thank you very much. You all are very kind, hospitable and warm. We are like a family. We will be back!!"


Kids at Tigerland Rice FarmChua Sze Hong(2014):

"Our family went to Tigerland Rice Farm twice, once for the harvesting season in Dec 2013 and again in Sep 2014 for the rice planting season. We thoroughly enjoyed our stays there and we definitely had unforgettable experiences! Our child who’s 7 had experiences such as catching crabs in the stream, fishing in the pond, night rat hunting, planting the rice in the muddy paddy fields, playing with the resident pigs, etc. These experiences have left him more appreciative of nature and the hard work of producing rice and he can now recall them with fondness! These holidays have left him with memories of the farm and our friends (Tiger Kitt and family). Our host family was really so hospitable that they went out of their way to make our stay there as comfy as possible. We definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to experience something we cannot find in our urban jungle and also to educate their children with experiential learning that is beyond the classroom!"


Chariya and child at Tigerland Rice FarmChariya Suthinoon (2012):

"Thank you for a unique and awesome holiday program. My kids have experienced how to live in the rice farm with less convenient things. They enjoyed a beautiful time in the paddy field and learned how to reap with sickles, how to thrash, de-husk the rice grains, how to make their own fishing rods and look for live earthworms for fishing in the natural ponds, how to cool themselves by playing water in the natural stream. We also learned how to build the small dam in the bamboo forest to conserve water. Still remembered when kids learned how to collect woods and lit the cooking fire. They were so happy and busy in kitchen in the morning and evening helping Kitt's wife to cook. On the last day we had a tribal tour to visit the Akha's family to learn about their lifestyle and culture and we had bought books, cookies, necessary items like tooth brushes, soap to distribute to the poor Akha's family too. So much things myself and my kids had done, learned from this holiday program, I hope this program will also benefit other families who want to build bonding and quality times with their kids during school holiday."


Dave Yak and son at Tigerland Rice Farm

David Yak (2012):

"Kitt, thanks for taking such good care of the children. The boys have been talking about the trip. They as well as the adults really enjoyed the farming experience. We will help to spread the words around."

City kids in farm country of Tigerland Rice Farm


Dusk at Tigerland Rice Farm

Shaun Sng, Kitt and Father Gun at Tigerland Rice Farm

Shaun Sng (2012):

"Thanks for taking care of me on your farm.
I had a great experience."


Mei Lan & Vincent (2011):

"The Watasittikul family's love for Nature really inspires us. In addition to rice planting, they also brought us to the forest walk (planting seedings, making cups, chopsticks, containers right out of bamboo on the spot), night out (to catch frogs, eels in the paddies)... very interesting experiences for us."

Mei Lan and Vincent with Kitt in the bamboo forest

Mei Lan in Tigerland Rice Farm


Michelle Chen's son threshing rice at Tigerland Rice Farm

Michelle Chen (2010):

"It'd been truly a wonderful holiday for my family. My kids had fun in the rice paddy. We made a lasting friendship with the hospitable Watasittikul family. The home-cooked food was great and we especially cherish the magic of simple living."

Michelle Chen and kids enjoying farm cooking at Tigerland Rice Farm


Rice Farming Experience

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